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If you’ve looked into hair straighteners at Beyond the Beauty, or anywhere else, you’re probably already pretty knowledgeable about how to use them, or what hair straighteners are right for you. But, even if you’re a seasoned pro with a flat iron, there are still some common mistakes people make, even with the best hair straighteners. Luckily, Beyond the Beauty has your back once again. Keep reading to find out some of these easy-to-make mistakes. Once you know more about them, you can avoid them in the future, and leave your hair looking even more fierce than it already does. You’re welcome!






Start Before You Straighten


The best hair straighteners still need a little extra boost sometimes, to treat your hair the way it’s supposed to be treated. So, before you iron things out, start in the shower with the products you choose. Keep in mind that no shampoo, conditioner, or product will straighten your hair out for you. However, there are certain products that can urge it along, and make it easier to straighten.


Shampoos that specialize in smoothness or moisturizing can give your hair the hold it needs to take on a flat iron, and stay straight.


Don’t towel dry your hair like you’re drying off a dog, either! Gentle squeezes on the hair can make it easier to straighten once it’s dry. Speaking of drying, the blow dryer can either be your best friend or your enemy when it comes to getting straight hair. The biggest mistake most people make? Blowing their hair in the wrong direction. When you’re drying, always face the nozzle downward to prevent frizz and flyaways.


Watch the Temperature


If you hear sizzling at any point when you’re using your straightener, stop. Either your hair is still too wet, or your temperature is way too high. The temperature of your straightener should be a reflection of the type of hair you have; thick, medium, or fine. Adjust it accordingly based on your own hair, and always use a heat-protectant product before using a flat iron.



Don’t Repeat


Not sectioning, and using the iron over and over again in the same spots are two huge red flags when straightening your hair. Not only are you not going to be able to get a smooth, silky shine to the hair this way, but you could actually damage hair by going over it more than once with a hot iron. To avoid this, section off your hair in pieces before you start. Then, start the iron about three centimeters away from the base of each section, and run it down the length of your hair gently.


With just a few simple tips and tricks, straightening your hair can really be easy, and become a habit you’ll get used to. If you’ve had struggles in the past with your hair not turning out the way you wanted, see if you’ve made any of these mistakes. If you have, now you know what to avoid in order to get perfectly straight, healthy hair.